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Thanks to Aberdeen council, for this list of free parking places for motorcycles.

We are open to challenge & new proposals. 
Your opinion counts!!!  We represent you!!!     
Please come to the meetings and voice 
your concerns, active participation is the only 
way WE can represent the views of the local 
biking community.

Europe wants to kill biking by the back door

Since the introduction of the new and ill conceived Motorcycle Testing arrangements, the numbers going forward for a motorcycle test has fallen by over TWO THIRDS in a year

MAG want to see biking grow in the UK and to do that we need new bikers, people who are passionate about biking and fair treatment from the government and authorities.

This government seem intent on killing an entire industry sector. If people are put off going for a bike test then eventually the whole industry will collapse with the resulting massive loss of jobs


Join MAG now and we will continue, on your behalf, to lobby governments both here in the UK and Europe to protect YOUR RIGHTS now and in the future



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