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Aberdeenshire Motorcycle Action Group, (MAG).

Aberdeenshire MAG is a group of individuals who are passionate about motorcycling in the North East of Scotland. Having the best facilities for motorcyclists to ensure that all powered two wheel users have a safe and secure environment in which to ride and park their motorcycles.

The group aims to build itself up, to be a powerful local force to ensure that the views of the bikers are being heard locally, while liaising with the MAG National Committee to help fight our cause on a National and European level. 

Think for a minute.

Old favourites will continue, with the Egg and Toy runs being organised to deliver Easter eggs in April and Toys for Christmas to the underprivileged children of Aberdeenshire. 

Our door is always open to anyone who believes that they can help the group move forward, and we ask that local clubs try to bring representation to the meetings to ensure that we, ourselves, are representing the views of the local biking community.


Aberdeenshire MAG has a range of merchandise available for sale: including strappy, vest and regular tees and hooded tops. Items can be purchased by contacting the group for price/availability.



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Contact MAG Tel 0845 838 2597 or email